Monday, 15 December 2014

Being princess with the Aviva Desses

    Hello gorgeous,
Christmas is already here and I’m feeling inspired to draw more than ever. You see, sometimes I draw my unique models, and other times my illustrations are inspired by beautiful people or clothes.
Just like every dreaming girl, I have always loved the beautiful princess dresses, in which I can be the star of the evening on every special occasion.I don’t think, that the beautiful dresses should be worn only for a very special event like prom or a wedding day, so I like to wear them on every official party during the year, like on my birthday.
   If you are feeling that way too, in Aviva Dress you can find everything for your taste and for the specific of the event. Their assortment is very various. They have many adorable dresses for prom that include - long dresses and short dresses in variety of colors.
   In the Aviva Dresses you can also find a big assortment for your wedding – beautiful wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. I don’t see bridesmaid dresses in separate category on most sites, so it was a really nice surprise to see that on their site.
   There are also many models of evening dresses, formal dresses and cocktail dresses (where my focus lures, of course). The gold one from the selection is my favorite, maybe because Christmas is near, and what a great idea it is to start the New Year shining in that beauty?!
  If you have to prepare for important event and don’t have what to wear, have a quick look on their website and I am sure that you can find what you need, because they have amazing various dresses for every taste. If you are looking for something specific, regarding dress color their model color selection is also impressive.
In addition, the Aviva Dresses are made by the best materials, such as the satin fabric and sequin swarovski crystals. I am a big fan of crystal elements, because they make the dresses look more luxury and fabulous and is not necessary to wear jewels, just beautiful high shoes, a clutch and the perfect look is ready.If you thought that the Aviva Dresses are a bit on the high end regarding prices, look on their promotions and you will be surprised to see that these amazing dresses have a very good price right now.